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Connecting The Dots

The Day the Internet Lost it’s Innocence

“Scientist Designed Malware”
nsa did it again

I’m anxiously awaiting the smoking connection - someone drawing the line between the mysterious “Bad BIOS” discovery by @dragosr and the new revelation that the NSA has our computers talking to one another with software-defined radios (SDR).

What is an SDR, you ask? Imagine installing a tiny program or app on your computer (i.e.: iphone, ipad, android, iOS, Windows, linux, etc) and being able to get KWTF (or your local radio fave) on the computer speakers. That’s an SDR. But there’s more:

Imagine (for this exercise) that KWTF suddenly sounded like an old telephone modem - packed with DATA and COMMANDS. Imagine your computer could listen & talk back… because why shouldn’t it be able to TRANSMIT too? So, YOUR computer is a magic radio transceiver…. that can communicate with other computers in the building -...

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